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Visual Arts

Program Description
The visual arts program provides and opportunity to study such media as painting, drawing, sculpture, jewelry, digital imagery, photography, ceramics, glass, print making, and mixed media.  Students also may take courses in Advanced Placement Art History and Advanced Placement Studio Art.  The curriculum encompasses art history, current trens, critical thinking, and studio experience with specialized equipment.  The program allows the student to meet visiting artists and engage in art experiences outside the classroom.  Students will also be involved in the exhibition
process of Blake's Gallery 501.

Audition Requirements

Spring Auditions will be done virtually. Once you have applied, you will receive an email with step-by-step instructions for your audition!

Auditions will be interview style; you will present your artwork and answer questions about the artwork and past school work.
The program requires after-school commitments from both students and parents.
Supplies covered by the classroom budget will not cover all costs of all projects done in class

What to bring:

  • At least 10 of your best artworks from the past two years       
  • At least two of the 10 should be done from observation; meaning not copied from a 2-D image such as a magazine image or an image on a phone.  Examples, setting up a still life on a kitchen table, drawing a room, drawing a landscape, or looking in a mirror and drawing your face.  
  • Artwork from  school art classes, summer workshop, etc.  This is a good example for teachers to see how you work with assignments.
  • Artwork can be in any medium; drawing, photography, ceramics, sculptures, etc.  If work is too large a photo-reproduction can be used to show the       work.
  • A sketchbook.  This will show teachers how you problem solve and expresses your personal style.
  • Recommendations and lists of other interests are not required but can be helpful during the audition to showcase you in your best light.