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Howard W. Blake High School
Ms. Storino, Social Studies Teacher
I graduated from the University of Tampa with a degree in Secondary Education Social Studies.  I have been teaching at Blake for the last five years, and enjoy teaching AP World History, US History Honors, and American Government Honors.

Class Schedule
Period 1
American Government Honors
Period 2
American Government Honors
Period 3
AP World History
Period 4
AP World History
Period 5
US History Honors
Period 6
Period 7
US History Honors
Course Syllabi

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Recent Materials AP World

8/20- beginning of class
HW:  "How a sandwich can change history" Read, respond to, agree/disagree with the article.  What is the author's historical interpretation?  Do you agree or disagree with the argument?  Support your view with specific examples from the article, and your commentary.

A Sandwhich Can Change History.pdf
Regions Quiz- Friday 8/22.
Study!  Just need to be able to match countries to regions.  
Due 8/22
Civilizations Wood- Civilization.pdf

Done in class on Thursday 8/21
Due Monday 8/25
Read The Emergence Of Civ.pdf and Complete this handout/chart Emergence of Civ Chart.pdf
Due Tuesday 8/26
Finish Reading the The Epic of Gilgmesh.pdf and answer questions.  Read The Person Who was Tired of Life (given out in class today), and take notes/underline evidence of how daily struggles with life in ancient civs impacted their religious views.  Compare these two stories.
Due Wednesday 8/27
Fill in Judaism on your religions chart WHAP Religions Chart.pdf using pg. 37-39 of your textbook.
Done in class 8/27 (complete for 8/28)
Compare the Code to Book of Deuteronomy Hammurabi & Deuteronomy.pdf using this chart: Just do political, social, economic, and author's purpose.  Code and Book Comparison Activity.docx
Due Thursday 8/28
Migrations Readings:  Read and take notes (2 column/Cornell style)  in your notebook on the two migrations:
pg. 42-45 (Indo-Europeans), and pg. 65-68 (Bantu)
**Use the green headings in your textbook to be your main idea in the left column**

Main Idea (Green headings in textbook)
Indo European Languages

Due Friday 8/29
Due Tuesday 9/2
1.  Study for Tuesday's Quest.  Civilization Review Periodization 1.docx

2. Fill in Hinduism on your religions chart using pg. 80-84 in your textbook ("Religions in the Vedic Age")
Due Weds 9/3
Law of Manu Reading Laws of Manu.pdf answer Questions:
1. Describe the 4 castes discussed in the reading:
a. Who made up each caste?
b. What jobs are they assigned?

2. How can the excluded castes achieve success?

3. What is the view of women?

Ramayana Reading in your Stearns readers (World in Documents) pg. 54-57, answer these questions: Ramayana.pdf
Due Friday 9/5
Ch. 9 pg. 169-174 "Day 1-Political"  on India Reading Guide.  Answer the questions on your own sheet of paper THOROUGHLY. Reading Guide India ch. 9

Done in Class on Friday: Indian Ruler Report Card
Due Monday 9/8
Fill in Buddhism on your religions chart 179-182
Due Tuesday 9/9
Ch. 9 pg. 174-185 Soc & Econ "Day 2" Reading Guide India ch. 9

Done in class on Tuesday 9/9.  Answer these questions if absent, and turn in to your teacher.  Discussion Questions
Due Weds 9/10
Study Notes for Quiz on Classical India
Due Thursday 9/11
Due Political Persia Day 1 Persia Study Guide  pg. 131-137
Due Friday 9/12
Due Social and Economic Day 2 pg. 139-146 Persia Study Guide
Finish Zoroastrianism Reading (done in class Weds)  answer the questions and predict what kind of society/civilization that would have created such a religion? The PDF I have has an extra section on it, you can start reading the article right at the questions.   Zoroastrianism  
Due Monday 9/15
Using pg. 150-155 in your textbook, fill in Confucianism and Daoism on your religions chart, and take notes on Legalism.  
Due Tuesday 9/16
Study reading guide for a quiz Tuesday on Classical Persia
Due Weds 9/17
Pg. 156-162 Day 1 Political for Classical China Reading Guide China Reading Guide
Article from today: Article    Finish questions from article Qanat Article Questions

Done in class today...if you want to use for reference for the seminar tomorrow.  Analects.   Questions from class: Analects q's
Due Thurs 9/18
Read pg. 50-54 in Stearns' History in Documents reader "Ban Zhao" and "Mother of Mencius."  

Take notes on gender roles in China, and design HIGHER LEVEL questions to prompt a discussion.  We will be having a socratic seminar in class, so these discussions questions should be text based, thought-provoking,  and be able to prompt an interesting discussion.  
Due Friday 9/19
Read pg. 59-64 in Stearns reader "Art of War" answer questions: Art of War Questions.

If you were out Friday, create a military advice brochure using the Art of War and questions from homework last night.  
Due Monday 9/22
Day 2 Social and Econ Classical China Reading Guide pg. 162-166
Due Weds 9/24
Study For Test on China, Persia, and India Test Review
Due Thursday 9/25
Greek Political pg. 191-194 Classical Greece Reading Guide
Due Friday 9/26
Greece and the Larger World pg. 194-199 Classical Greece Reading Guide
Due Monday 9/29
Greece Social and Economic pg. 201-208 Classical Greece Reading Guide
Due Tuesday 9/30
Rome Reading Guide Day 1  Classical Rome
Due Weds 10/1
Rome Reading Guide Day 2 Classical Rome
Due Thursday 10/2
 Prep for a discussion on gender roles in Rome.  Answer the questions  I provide you at the beginning of the Legal Debates Rome- Legal Debates.pdf and then answer "study questions" #1-3 at the end of Women and Roman Law Women & Roman Laws.pdf
Due Friday 10/3
Rome Reading Guide Day 3 Classical Rome
Due Monday 10/6
pg. 234-244 Fill in Silk Roads Portion of Trade Routes Chart Trade Routes Chart.docx
Due Tuesday 10/7
pg. 244-252 Compare/Contrast the fall of Han to the fall of Rome based on the chart Fall of Civs Chart
Due Thursday 10/9
Go over comparative essay format/rubric, we will be writing our first comparative essay in class. **The topic will be comparing the fall of classical civilizations, we will be picking from Imperial Rome, Han China, or Gupta India.**  Make sure you have plenty of evidence, comparative points, and analysis of WHY similar or WHY different.   RUBRIC
Due Tuesday 10/14
Study for test on Classica Civs Review
Due Thursday 10/16
Due Friday 10/17
Due Tuesday 10/21
Due Weds 10/21
Due Thursday 10/22
Ch. 16 Two Worlds of Christendom Day 1 Medieval Europe/Byzantine
Due Friday 10/23
Ch. 16 Two Worlds of Christendom Day 2Medieval Europe/Byzantine  
Justinian the Great? Activity Justinian
Docs: Page 1
Due Monday 10/27
Ch. 16 Two Worlds of Christendom Day 3 Medieval Europe/Byzantine
Due Wednesday 10/29
Prep for Socratic Seminar on Gender Roles in Post Classical religions.  Using Stearns Reader, pg. 92-99.  Design 3 higher level questions about each of the three religions/regions- 9 questions total.  The questions can be comparative.  Your teacher will provide you with class time to work on these, but in case you want to get ahead, this is what we will be doing.
Due Thursday 10/30
Chapter 19: The Increasing Influence Of Europe Day 1 Medieval Europe/Byzantine
Due Friday 10/31
Due Monday 11/3
Due Tuesday 11/4
Due Wednesday 11/5
Ch. 14 Tang and Song China Day 1 East Asia Postclassical
Due Thursday 11/6
Ch. 14 Tang and Song China Day 2 East Asia Postclassical
Due Friday 11/7
Ch. 14 Tang and Song China Day 3 East Asia Postclassical
Due Monday 11/10
Ch. 14 Tang and Song China Day 4 East Asia Postclassical

Recent Materials American Government Honors

American Government
Filibuster Article and Questions
Answer these questions after reading the article:
1. What was the purpose of Rand Paul’s filibuster?
2. What does Sen. Paul use as support for his argument?
3. Do you agree or disagree with his argument?  Explain why you fell this way?
4. What vocabulary terms and names from the Congressional Leadership powerpoint are mentioned in this article?  What role are they playing in this article?

Due Friday, 8/30
Read Declaration of Indep & answer question #2. click here.
Due Thursday 8/29
Complete this chart & answer the question at the end.  You may use online resources to complete at home, or check out a textbook from me.  click here.
8/22, 8/26, 8/28 If you were out any 2 of the 3 days, complete the alternative assignment.
Choose one of the four theories of the origins of government, and create a political cartoon depicting how government came to be based on that theory.  Should be apparent which origin you chose, should be neat and well thought out.  
8/21 As an alternative to the assignment completed in class, if you were absent, check out a textbook and answer the questions on the right based on pages 5-7 on the state.
1. List and define the four characteristics of a state.
2.  Which do you think is most important characteristic and why?
3. What is the difference between a state and a nation?
4.  Using the terms and descriptions in the textbook on a "state," is Florida considered a state by these criteria?  Why or why not?

Ongoing Documents For Class

American Government Honors
Rubric Current Events Project Description
Cartoon Analysis Alternative Assignment for a Missed Presentation
Political Cartoon Analysis Handout click here
Cagle Cartoons, pick any cartoon to analyze click here

AP World Materials

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