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Howard W. Blake High School
Ms. Storino, Social Studies Teacher
I graduated from the University of Tampa with a degree in Secondary Education Social Studies.  I have been teaching at Blake for the last five years, and enjoy teaching AP World History, Human Geography, and American Government.

Class Schedule
Period 1
American Government Honors
Period 2
Period 3
AP Human Geography
Period 4
AP Human Geography
Period 5
American Government Honors
Period 6
AP World History
Period 7
AP World History
Course Syllabi
AP Human Geography Syllabus (Unabridged)  click here.
AP World History Syllabus, click here.
American Government Honors Syllabus [Link]click here.

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American Government Honors: click here.

Edsby Sign up information, please sign up and check your grade at least once a week.  click here.

Recent Materials AP Human Geography

AP Human Geography
It's been a while, but Edsby is currently down, so here is the re-FRQ which is due Friday 12/20.  You will be following this prompt, but the conflict will be on Catholics and Protestants in Ireland.  To the right is the link to the video we saw in class.  

Religious Conflicts have often become entangled with politics and erupt into violence and conflict.  Discuss each of the following:
1. Origin and historic development of the problem.
2. Geographic characteristics and implications
3. Political components and concerns.

Ch. 4 Folk and Pop Culture Reading Guide due Wednesday 10/23
These pages must be turned in the correct order!  

Articles for Monday's Socratic Seminar
Write 2 higher level questions for each article and take notes to be ready for discussion on 10/11

FRQ test Tuesday 10/15 and M/C test Thursday 10/17
Sample FRQ Alternative essay if absent Friday
Sample FRQ due Monday 9/30 at beginning of class
In 1798 Thomas Robert Malthus published An Essay on the Principle of Population in which he argued that population growth will inevitably outpace food production, resulting in widespread famine.

A. Identify and explain TWO reasons why some geographers today believe Malthus’ theory can be used to predict future population issues.

B. Identify and explain TWO reasons why some geographers today believe Malthus’ theory cannot be used to predict future population issues.

Population Theory PPT done in class on 9/27
Study for Ch. 2 Test on Tuesday
Due no later than 10/11 Ch. 3 Reading Guides, early submission=bonus point opportunity!

Finish graphing Mexico and Sweden DTM due Monday 9/23

Map Quiz Monday 9/23
Thank you, Christian in 4th Period for this great map practice resource.  You can use this to help quiz yourself on our various map region quizzes.  Seterra Online  

4 Articles for Socratic Seminar on Tuesday 9/24.  Our topic will be "Fertility."  Your grade will be based on the level of your contribution during the class discussion.  Write 2-3 higher order questions (see costa's three story house) per article, this will give you a total of 8-12 quality questions.  Take notes if you don't want to print them, or annotate so you will be prepared for the seminar and will have text based contributions.  I will explain more in class on 9/19.
The article has two pages:  Page 1Girls in India/Page 2 Girls in India

Websites for the ch. 2 unit on population
Population Data Worksheet shows you all the data on every nation, this site also contains the world population clock Population Research Bureau

Population Quizzes, classify populations and act as a demographer as you explore different themes from this chapter.  Click here.
Due on September 23rd (a Monday) Ch. 2 Packet Population
Ch. 2-1 click here.
Ch. 2-2 click here.
Ch. 2-3 click here.
Ch. 2-4 click here.
Map quiz Monday 9/16
[Link]N. Africa
Due Monday 9/9 Ch. 1 Study guide, test will be 9/10.  STUDY!!!
Map Quiz on Asian Countries Thursday 9/5
SE Asia click here
E & C Asia click here.
Ch. 1 Sec. 1, 2, & 3 Due Tuesday 9/3:
Ch. 1 Reading Guides
Do a thorough and complete job on ALL questions.
Ch. 1-1 click here.
Ch. 1-2 click here.
ch. 1-3 click here.
Study Guide Ch. 1 Due on the day of the test (TBA early week of 9/9)
D ue tomorrow, 8/29: ESPeN article Analysis.
Get a news article from a newspaper, magazine, online, etc....that has to do with human geography, analyze it according to ESPeN format.  Then, summarize the article with 1-2 sentences.  click here.
Here is your brainstorm: click here.
PPT from 8/29 on maps and spatial thinking
Homework for the weekend: Study the W & E Europe Maps found below, quiz on Monday 8/26!  
Due Monday 8/26:  Map analysis based on the maps you brought to class.  Use the form on the right.
Due 8/23 Map!!
For homework tonight, clip out a map from a magazine, newspaper, yellowpages, online, etc.  Bring it with you to class tomorrow for an activity.
World Regions Quiz on Monday 8/26
Western Europe click here.
and Eastern Europe click here.
Use this resource to help study! http://www.yourchildlearns.com/europe_map.htm 

Recent Materials American Government Honors

American Government
Filibuster Article and Questions
Answer these questions after reading the article:
1. What was the purpose of Rand Paul’s filibuster?
2. What does Sen. Paul use as support for his argument?
3. Do you agree or disagree with his argument?  Explain why you fell this way?
4. What vocabulary terms and names from the Congressional Leadership powerpoint are mentioned in this article?  What role are they playing in this article?

Due Friday, 8/30
Read Declaration of Indep & answer question #2. click here.
Due Thursday 8/29
Complete this chart & answer the question at the end.  You may use online resources to complete at home, or check out a textbook from me.  click here.
8/22, 8/26, 8/28 If you were out any 2 of the 3 days, complete the alternative assignment.
Choose one of the four theories of the origins of government, and create a political cartoon depicting how government came to be based on that theory.  Should be apparent which origin you chose, should be neat and well thought out.  
8/21 As an alternative to the assignment completed in class, if you were absent, check out a textbook and answer the questions on the right based on pages 5-7 on the state.
1. List and define the four characteristics of a state.
2.  Which do you think is most important characteristic and why?
3. What is the difference between a state and a nation?
4.  Using the terms and descriptions in the textbook on a "state," is Florida considered a state by these criteria?  Why or why not?

Ongoing Documents For Class

American Government Honors
Rubric Current Events Project Description
Cartoon Analysis Alternative Assignment for a Missed Presentation
Political Cartoon Analysis Handout click here
Cagle Cartoons, pick any cartoon to analyze click here

AP World Materials

PPT on Classical Civilizations and Classical China
PPT on Classical Civilization and the influence of art.
SPICE Chart Ancient Civs
Having gotten the notes on the different civs, answer the question at the bottom of the chart.  (What do these civs have in common, and why might that be?)  Due 9/3
6th period SPICE charts for ancient civs, special thanks to Jordan, our photographer.  
7th period SPICE charts for ancient civs, special thanks to Shane, our photographer.
Mesoamericaclick here.
Shang/Zhou click here.
Harrapan click here.

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